Germany (Berlin)

Residents of this house can now see who’s at the gate, no matter where they are. The DoorBird IP video door station sends instant alerts to their smartphones as soon as the visitor rings the doorbell. Thanks to the many design possibilities, this DoorBird perfectly matches with the entrance gate.

Product: D2103V IP Video Door Station, stainless steel, RAL 7016 anthracite grey

Photo: anonymous customer

Netherlands (Leiden)

The owner of this residential villa in the beautiful city of Leiden, Netherlands, can now enjoy the sunset while waiting for a delivery. When the postman rings the doorbell, the family can answer the door from their smartphones, and even open the gate. The DoorBird’s timeless design fits the surroundings perfectly!

Product: D2101KV IP Video Door Station, stainless steel

Photo: Consepto Hekwerk (

USA (Malibu, CA)

This DoorBird on a free-standing post was installed by Ideal Manufacturing and Hoffman Yann Builders at a private home in California. Like all of our DoorBird door stations, it comes with an open API to integrate it into existing smart home systems – to name only one of its exciting features.

Product: D2101KV IP Video Door Station, stainless steel

Photo: Ideal Manufacturing Inc. (