Germany (Stamsried)

When you enter this beautiful show home in the picturesque community of Stamsried, Bavaria, you will be pleased to find one of our customized DoorBird IP video stations. It meshes perfectly with the innovative and impressive Smart Home concept of this building, which is set up to enable optimal use of energy saving techniques.

Product: Customized D21x with fingerprint reader and 2 postboxes, stainless steal, brushed

Photo: Gruber Unternehmensgruppe (

Netherlands (Amsterdam)

This DoorBird D2101KV elegantly fits into the gateway of a family home near Amsterdam. Equipped with an RFID reader and keypad, it allows keyless access via RFID fobs and PIN codes. We owe the wonderful installation to our partner Consepto Hekwerk. By the way: This model is available in over 50 materials and colors.

Product: D2101KV IP Video Door Station, stainless steel

Photo: Consepto Hekwerk (

Netherlands (Boxtel)

The simplicity of good living: The DoorBird IP video intercom graces the front entrance of this beautiful new building in the south Netherlands. Using our DoorBird app, the homeowner can see who is at the door – from anywhere in the world. Installed by our partner KNX groep, this compact and WiFi-enabled door station shows itself at its best.

Product: D1101V IP Video Door Station, stainless steel

Photo: KNX groep B.V. (

France (Paris)

At the main entrance of a multi-tenant apartment building in the middle of Paris, you can now find this D21DKV Vigik Edition. The IP video door station provides secure access control via PIN codes, RFID and Vigik module. At the side entrance, our parnter Lepic elec installed the A1121 IP access control device because there was no need for a video intercom with integrated camera. We say “Merci” for this nice work!

Product: D21DKV Vigik Edition, stainless steel

Product: A1121 IP Acess Control Device, stainless steel

Photos: Lepic elec (

USA (Los Angeles, CA)

Stranger in the night: With our IP video door station D1101KH, the home owner sees immediately who is in front of their gate. Individual PIN codes can be assigned via the DoorBird app, allowing family members keyless access. Made of stainless steel, this gooseneck installation was carried out by our partner Gbit Tech LLC.

Product: D1101KH, stainless steel

Photo: Gbit Tech LLC (

Australia (Melbourne)

Our partner Vivid Electrical Group replaced an existing intercom system with a DoorBird to give the home owners smart phone control and to increase security by integrating the intercom camera with the CCTV. They added PoE to the existing cabling of this house in Australia using the 2-wire PoE converter, which worked extremely well, even over a distance of 40m.

Product: D2101KV, stainless steel

Photo: Vivid Electrical Group (

USA (Miami, FL)

A DoorBird D2101V in blue that matches the home in Miami, Florida – installed by our partner Hemag Inc. The IP video door station is paired with the URC Total Control: The homeowner can see who’s at the door from URC’s in-wall keypads and receive audio notifications throughout the home so they don’t a miss a visitor.

Product: D2101V, stainless steel

Photo: Hemag Inc (

Germany (Berlin)

A mailbox combined with a DoorBird IP video door station? This customized IP intercom with mailbox fits smoothly into the fence. Thanks to its open API, the door station can be integrated into home automation systems.

Product: Customized IP Video Door Station, stainless steel

Photo: anonymous customer